January 19, 2022

Evolve Your Ride with Pokémon Center × Bear Walker’s All Eevee Evolutions Collection

The Pokémon Center’s latest collaboration with Bear Walker features the Evolution Pokémon and all of its glorious Evolutions.

Shred, grind, and carve like a champ with your favorite Eevee Evolution courtesy of Pokémon Center × Bear Walker's limited-edition All Eevee Evolutions line. The collection, currently available at the Pokémon Center, includes nine colorful boards; one for Eevee and one for each of its eight Evolutions. Choose the Eevee Evolution that best suits your personality and skating style. Do you love moonlit skate sessions? Then the Dark-type Umbreon might be the Pokémon, and board, for you! Do you prefer to flow like water while skating? Then check out the Water-type Vaporeon's board!

Given that Eevee is known as the Evolution Pokémon, it's thematically appropriate that the boards' design has also evolved: The All Eevee Evolutions collection boasts improvements to the wheels, grip tape, and board to better highlight the stunning character art, offering a better sense of each Pokémon's unique personality.

Will you choose adorable Eevee, bubbly Vaporeon, electrifying Jolteon, fiery Flareon, sunny Espeon, nocturnal Umbreon, lush Leafeon, stone-cold Glaceon, or ethereal Sylveon? Skate on over to the Pokémon Center to check out the stylish All Eevee Evolutions collection.

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