• Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit!
  • Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit!
  • Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit!
  • Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit!

Season 16 | Episode 42

Team Rocket’s Shocking Recruit!

While Alexa is getting her video equipment repaired, Ash, Iris, and Cilan take some time off to have a relaxing lunch on shore. At least, that’s the plan, but the Pokémon keep getting into little squabbles over the food. Eventually Emolga unleashes its Discharge attack to zap everyone who’s annoying it, prompting a scolding from Iris.

After lunch, Iris sees Emolga and Axew playing together, and asks Emolga to keep an eye on Axew for her. But when her back is turned, Axew disturbs a Galvantula and gets zapped! Emolga tries to help, but it runs into Axew by mistake, and Axew ends up with a nasty bump on its head. When Iris sees the bump—and the lingering electricity from Galvantula’s attack—she blames Emolga, who flies off in a huff...

...only to land right in the middle of a Team Rocket strategy meeting! After a sudden battle in which Emolga takes down Woobat and Yamask, then Frillish and Amoonguss, all without breaking a sweat, Jessie adopts a new strategy and invites Emolga to become part of Team Rocket!

Iris is now worried about what happened to Emolga, and our heroes set off on a search. They find Emolga with Jessie, James, and Meowth, and the villains have gotten their hands on Axew as well. The sudden appearance of an angry Exploud gives Team Rocket cover to escape, and off they go.

Our heroes need to find Team Rocket and get to the bottom of what’s going on, so Charizard and Dragonite go off to look for the villains. Soon, a nasty battle ensues, and although Meowth overhears Emolga’s plan—it’s only pretending to join them so it can get back at Iris for the earlier misunderstanding—Team Rocket still has that angry Exploud to exploit! More battling ensues, but Team Rocket, along with Exploud, are sent blasting off again.

All this time, Axew has been trying to let Iris know what really happened with the Galvantula, and when she finally pays attention, she finds that she can understand what Axew is thinking! Iris realizes she’s made a huge mistake by accusing Emolga of something it didn’t do. After she apologizes, everything is forgiven and life gets back to normal. Cilan even speculates that Iris’s skill at understanding Axew’s thoughts could very well be another step on her path to becoming a Dragon Master!

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