• Capacia Island UFO!
  • Capacia Island UFO!
  • Capacia Island UFO!
  • Capacia Island UFO!

Season 16 | Episode 36

Capacia Island UFO!

Approaching the Capacia Island port after a long journey across the island, our heroes see something that looks like a shooting star—until it goes out of control and crashes into the ocean. Upon investigation of the debris, Ash finds an Amulet Coin, said to bring good luck to its owner. Excited, the three of them head to the Pokémon Center in town for a good night’s rest before they return to the ship.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is investigating the unidentified flying object as well. James finds his own Amulet Coin, while Meowth encounters a group of Beheeyem, who take him aboard their crashed ship and try to pry the Charm off his forehead! The Beheeyem have also tracked Ash’s Amulet Coin to the Pokémon Center and are now lurking outside...

The next morning, Ash wakes up to discover that everyone in town suddenly looks like Beheeyem! He runs to get help, but Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy have been afflicted with this mysterious condition as well. In fact, the only people he can find who don’t look like Beheeyem are Jessie and James. The three of them call a temporary truce to figure out what’s going on.

Jessie, James, and Ash come across a meeting in the town square, where a real Beheeyem is directing the townspeople to search for something that looks like the Amulet Coin that Ash found. When the townspeople notice the three of them eavesdropping, they are forced to find a hiding place, where they find Meowth again and learn about the flying saucer. Ash wants to confront the Beheeyem and make them return everyone to normal, while Team Rocket has plans to steal their technology for the Boss.

They sneak aboard the ship, where the Beheeyem take control of Meowth’s mind so they can speak through him. They explain that their ship crashed and lost its power supply—which, it turns out, looks a lot like an Amulet Coin, and also like Meowth’s Charm. Ash offers the coin he found, but that’s not the one they’re looking for. James decides that if his “coin” is really a spaceship’s energy source, it’s worth much more than he thought, so he isn’t interested in giving it up—until a helpful Thunderbolt from Pikachu sends the villains blasting off again and knocks the power supply into Ash’s hands.

Ash returns the missing piece to the Beheeyem, who repair their ship, release their hold on the town, and fly away. He meets up with Iris and Cilan, who have no idea what’s been happening. But that’s OK, because they’re ready to continue their journey!

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