• The Pirates of Decolore!
  • The Pirates of Decolore!
  • The Pirates of Decolore!
  • The Pirates of Decolore!

Season 16 | Episode 32

The Pirates of Decolore!

It’s a beautiful day at sea, and our heroes are enjoying the fresh air on deck when a Croconaw, Azumarill, and Octillery sneak aboard unnoticed. The three break into the ship’s supply room to steal boxes of food and discover Team Rocket attempting to do the same thing! The ship’s alarm sounds, and Porter says it can only mean one thing—pirates!

Pikachu and Snivy go to investigate and spot the three pilfering Pokémon pushing a cart loaded with stolen food. Several of the ship’s crew give chase, but the crooks have obviously done this sort of thing before. They swiftly get themselves and their loot aboard a raft (where Ducklett, the fourth member of the gang, waits as a “getaway driver”), and off they go, but not before knocking Team Rocket off the ship and into the ocean!

While Meowth vows to get the grub back, Officer Jenny of the Decolore Island police informs our heroes that this is the work of a well-known gang of pirates, who have been stealing all sorts of things from people throughout the islands. Ash, Iris, and Cilan offer to help, and they all set out aboard Officer Jenny’s police boat in search of the gang’s hideout.

Meowth has discovered the hideout, but when the pirates discover him, they attack despite pleas to talk things over. Soon, Charizard finds the gang’s hideout from the air and guides the police boat there. Officer Jenny attempts to put the gang under arrest, and Ash asks why they’ve been behaving so badly. With Meowth as translator, all four Pokémon pirates relate sad stories of being mistreated and abandoned by their Trainers. After that, they vowed to get even with people by stealing from them! Pignite and Snivy can relate to their plight, but as tempers flare, the battle lines are drawn. If the pirates lose, they agree to stop their thieving ways. And that’s exactly what happens.

Our heroes and Officer Jenny are preparing to leave when a sudden storm blows up, and they notice a rubber raft being tossed on the waves with three petrified Darumaka aboard, holding on for dear life! The water is too rough to take the police boat out, but Croconaw rallies the gang, and the four of them swim out and bring the raft safely to shore. Officer Jenny is impressed with their bravery and offers to make them members of the Decolore Coastguard, but not before they go back and apologize to everyone they have stolen from.

And so, with the future looking bright for the former pirates, our heroes set sail once again on their journey to the Kanto region!

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