• Crowning the Scalchop King!
  • Crowning the Scalchop King!
  • Crowning the Scalchop King!
  • Crowning the Scalchop King!

Season 16 | Episode 29

Crowning the Scalchop King!

As they cruise through the Decolore Islands, Ash, Iris, and Cilan notice a large number of Oshawott and Dewott on their ship. They learn from Porter that their next stop is Scalchop Island, which holds a competition every year in which Oshawott and Dewott compete for the title of Scalchop King. Naturally, Ash’s Oshawott wants to enter!

On the island, Freddy the Scoop shows off the prize—the magnificent Golden Scalchop, which immediately catches the attention of Team Rocket. He also introduces everyone to Osharina, the reigning Scalchop Queen, who immediately catches the attention of Ash’s Oshawott! But it seems the queen has an admirer already—a Dewott named Caesar makes sure Ash’s Oshawott stays away, and Caesar’s Trainer, Cadbury, smugly informs Ash he doesn’t have a chance.

The competition begins with a show of scalchops, to be judged on beauty, color, and shape. The crowd and the judges seem appreciative of each entry, though Iris and Cilan mutter that they can’t tell the difference. The final contestant is a rather odd-looking Dewott with two ridiculously enormous scalchops—it’s Meowth in disguise, sporting a pair of fake scalchops handmade by James!

Next, the contestants must throw their scalchops at a target. Oshawott’s throw isn’t bad, Caesar’s attempt is much better, and Meowth’s scalchop goes wide—but James quickly activates the remote-control unit inside it and guides it right into the center of the target. The next round requires them to use their scalchops to break tiles, and again, James has engineered the fake scalchops to hold up under pressure. 

Unfortunately for Meowth, the Dewott costume isn’t quite as sturdy, and it comes off during the Scalchop Performance. Jessie and James abandon their own costumes and prepare to fight their way out, preferably with the Golden Scalchop in hand—but Pikachu quickly puts an end to that plan with a Thunderbolt that sends the villains blasting off again.

And so the final round pits Cadbury and Caesar against Ash and Oshawott in a battle—and despite Cadbury’s smug certainty that an unevolved Pokémon can’t possibly beat them, Oshawott pulls off the win! Freddy presents Oshawott with the Golden Scalchop and announces that King Oshawott will serve as the symbol of Scalchop Island, alongside Queen Osharina, for the next year. Ash is sad at the thought of having to leave his friend behind, but Oshawott is clearly smitten with Osharina, and he wants Oshawott to be happy.

Osharina has other ideas, though, and strongly indicates a preference for a different king—it seems the queen and Caesar are meant for each other after all. Poor Oshawott’s heart is broken—and so is its scalchop! Without a functioning scalchop, Oshawott can’t be the Scalchop King. Caesar is crowned instead, and Oshawott returns to the ship with our heroes to continue their journey.

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