• Lost at the League!
  • Lost at the League!
  • Lost at the League!
  • Lost at the League!

Season 16 | Episode 8

Lost at the League!

As the second round of the Unova League comes to a close, Ash, Cameron, Stephan, and Virgil have all won their battles to advance to round three! While everyone discusses how to spend the evening—watching a fireworks show, browsing the many vendors on site, or relaxing in the sauna—Axew wanders off and is quickly lost in the crowd.

While trying to find its way back to Iris, Axew gets swept up in the celebration of a small-town fan club! They’re in Vertress City to support Russet, the first Trainer from their hometown to make it into the top 16 of the Unova League.

Meanwhile, our heroes have realized Axew is missing, and Virgil suggests checking the surveillance cameras. They rush out into the city to look for Axew, but the crowds are just too big. They decide to split up to cover more ground, and Pikachu, Oshawott, Scraggy, and Emolga team up to search. While out on the hunt, Oshawott spots a big box of apples and happily digs in—not realizing that the food belonged to a Garbodor and a group of Trubbish, who angrily set out to find the thief!

Emolga finally spots Axew—but the angry Poison types are closing in, and they confront our heroes’ Pokémon at the edge of a tall cliff! Ash and the others hear the commotion and come to investigate. Everyone is reunited, and Ash tries to apologize to Garbodor for Oshawott’s behavior, but it ignores him and attacks!

Virgil puts his Pokémon Rescue Squad skills into action, first using Espeon’s Psychic to get everyone out of the way, then bringing out a Soothe Bell to calm Garbodor down. Once the battle is averted, Cilan makes amends by preparing a delicious dinner for Garbodor and the Trubbish, including his special-recipe Pokémon food, and everyone settles in to watch the fireworks together.

The third round of the Unova League begins the next morning, and the first match is Ash versus Stephan! Stephan is battling with his new Liepard, and Ash calls out his first Pokémon...but which one? Find out next time!

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