• A Village Homecoming!
  • A Village Homecoming!
  • A Village Homecoming!
  • A Village Homecoming!

Season 16 | Episode 3

A Village Homecoming!

As our heroes excitedly arrive at Iris’s hometown, the Village of Dragons, they run into her childhood friend Shannon and the two Zweilous she’s been raising. Iris makes plans to meet up with Shannon later and tell her friend all about her journey, but first she needs to visit the Village Elder.

The Elder warmly welcomes Iris home and, after a quick examination, declares that she’s been taking good care of Axew. Some of the other villagers want to see the rest of Iris’s Pokémon, and Iris calls Dragonite to come out. Everyone oohs and ahhs over this impressive catch—at least, until Dragonite picks a fight with a nearby Haxorus! But amazingly, a few gentle words from the Elder calm them both down.

Then it’s off to Shannon’s house for lunch, where Iris suggests that she join our heroes on their journey! Shannon mentions that she’d been planning to start a journey after both of her Zweilous evolve, but she’s not sure she has the talent for that. She’s decided to become a Pokémon Breeder, and thinks she’s better off staying home and working on that goal.

As our heroes attempt to convince her a journey would be a wonderful opportunity, they hear the frantic cries of one of the Zweilous outside. They rush to investigate, and discover that the older Zweilous is evolving into Hydreigon! It’s an exciting moment—one that is quickly disturbed as it becomes clear that Hydreigon’s sudden Evolution has thrown it into a state of panic and confusion. It goes on a rampage, attacking everything in sight! Iris remembers how the Elder calmed her Dragonite and springs into action.

With the help of all her Pokémon, she manages to back Hydreigon into a corner where she can get close to it. It’s a difficult task indeed, but Iris hangs in there, speaking calm words of reassurance and encouragement. And her patience pays off, because she succeeds and Hydreigon calms down, much to everyone’s amazement!

The Village Elder, who’s been watching, comes up to congratulate Iris on her victory—and so does Gym Leader Drayden, Iris’s old teacher! She’s been trying to avoid him because she feels bad about leaving school, but he compliments her growth and challenges her to come to the Opelucid Gym for a battle with him. And so, the next stop on our heroes’ journey is decided!

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