• Unrest at the Nursery!
  • Unrest at the Nursery!
  • Unrest at the Nursery!
  • Unrest at the Nursery!

Season 15 | Episode 47

Unrest at the Nursery!

Ash and Scraggy are training for the Unova League when they get involved in a scuffle between a Rufflet and a Vullaby! As they try to break up the fight, an aide from the nearby Pokémon nursery shows up looking for the two squabbling Pokémon. Layla introduces herself and brings Rufflet and Vullaby—along with Ash, Iris, and Cilan—back to the nursery with her.

When Cilan learns that Rufflet and Vullaby have never gotten along, he offers to lend his Connoisseur skills to fix the pairing problem. Although Vullaby is withdrawn at first, a little encouragement from Cilan and the others soon has all of the nursery’s Pokémon playing happily together! But when more trouble ensues during lunch, Vullaby uses Punishment on several of the others in an attempt to calm things down.

Layla thanks Vullaby for its help, but gently suggests that it might have gone overboard. This hurts Vullaby’s feelings, and it angrily runs away! Layla and Cilan quickly go after it, and Ash and Iris stay behind to keep an eye on the nursery...until they realize Rufflet has wandered off after Layla, and Ash sets off to find it.

Cilan and Layla manage to track down the sulking Vullaby, and Rufflet catches up with them shortly afterward. As he watches the three of them interact, Cilan offers a theory about the ongoing rivalry: Rufflet and Vullaby have been competing for Layla’s affection, and when she pays attention to one of them, the other quickly becomes jealous. She reassures the two Pokémon that she cares about both of them equally.

Their trip back to the nursery is fraught with danger, but Meloetta locates them and brings Ash to help. Layla proves her devotion to Rufflet and Vullaby by protecting them both, and everyone arrives back at the nursery unharmed!

As everyone happily listens to Meloetta’s beautiful singing, it becomes apparent that Team Rocket is secretly listening as well—but for different, sinister reasons. Dr. Zager has gathered the last bits of data needed to execute their plan, and their next step is to inform the Boss of their success—with hopes that he’ll come to meet them in Unova!

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