• Battling Authority Once Again!
  • Battling Authority Once Again!
  • Battling Authority Once Again!
  • Battling Authority Once Again!

Season 15 | Episode 43

Battling Authority Once Again!

It’s time for the second round of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup, and Ash, Cilan, Iris, Dawn, and Trip are all in the hunt! A very confident Trip is up first, again winning his bout quickly despite a type disadvantage and moving on to the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, Iris steps outside to try to convince Dragonite to listen to her commands when they battle, instead of doing whatever it wants. But it appears to be a tough sell for the headstrong Pokémon—although a few wise words from Cynthia seem to be getting through. While she’s gone, Cilan defeats his opponent thanks to some remarkable teamwork with his Stunfisk. Then, with help from Boldore, Ash moves into the semi-finals as well!

The last battle of the round is Iris versus Dawn! It’s a clash of giants indeed, as the towering Dragonite faces off against the gargantuan Mamoswine—and at first it seems Dragonite is actually paying attention to Iris, as it obeys her first command to dodge! But it quickly reverts to its usual tactic of taking every attack head-on, and Iris gets more and more frustrated as Dawn and Mamoswine display excellent coordination. Once again, Dragonite manages to win the match on its own, and after a friendly pep talk from Dawn, Iris is even more determined to connect with her stubborn Pokémon.

The semi-finals get under way, and the first match is Trip versus Cilan! Trip has his eyes on the ultimate prize—a battle against Unova Champion Alder—and he’s secretly planning to challenge Sinnoh Champion Cynthia as well. Cilan is hoping Trip’s arrogance will make him careless—but no such luck, as Serperior manages to get through Crustle’s impressive defenses and knock Cilan out of the tournament.

Next up, it’s Ash and his Krokorok versus Iris and her Dragonite! Which of our heroes will be moving on to face Trip in the finals?

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