• Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!
  • Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!
  • Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!
  • Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!

Season 15 | Episode 41

Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!

A fierce aerial battle is taking place between a Hydreigon and a Dragonite! Their battle disturbs a flock of Pidove, who get caught in the crossfire when they try to scatter. Dragonite tries to protect the flock—but that leaves the Pokémon open to Hydreigon’s attack, which smashes it into the ground! Dragonite attempts to fly away, but its wing was injured in the fall, and it crashes into a power plant, damaging some equipment.

Meanwhile, as our heroes prepare for another day of training at Cynthia’s house, the power suddenly goes out. Officer Jenny stops by to ask Cynthia for help, but she’s out of town, so the officer fills our heroes in on what she thinks is happening: a rogue Dragonite has attacked the power plant, knocking out the electricity! This doesn’t sound right to Iris, and she’s determined to go check it out for herself.

When our heroes arrive at the power plant, they discover that Dragonite has sealed itself inside, so Iris, Ash, and Dawn wriggle through the air ducts to reach it. The injured Dragonite is not at all happy to be disturbed, and when Iris becomes trapped in the room with it, Officer Jenny decides she needs backup. She recruits three powerful Trainers to help her catch the rogue Dragonite. But inside, Iris manages to communicate with the injured Pokémon, and discovers that its “attack” on the power plant was just an accident! She calls to Ash and Cilan to find some proof of Dragonite’s innocence.

Officer Jenny and her new recruits manage to break through the barrier and confront Dragonite! Iris pleads with them not to hurt her new friend, and when that doesn’t work, she puts herself between Dragonite and the others to protect it. It’s a standoff for the moment, until Ash and Cilan arrive with the proof they’ve been looking for: a surveillance camera’s recording of Dragonite protecting the Pidove flock and being injured in the process.

Officer Jenny says she won’t be pressing charges, and after Dragonite recovers at the Pokémon Center, it’s free to go. Our heroes are thrilled, and Dragonite starts to fly away...and then reconsiders. To Iris’s great delight, it turns around and comes back to her—and the aspiring Dragon Master finally has a second Dragon-type Pokémon on her team!

Meanwhile, it seems Team Rocket have found what they’ve been looking for, and they eagerly await the Boss’s reaction...

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