• A Clubsplosion of Excitement!
  • A Clubsplosion of Excitement!
  • A Clubsplosion of Excitement!
  • A Clubsplosion of Excitement!

Season 15 | Episode 24

A Clubsplosion of Excitement!

Trip and his Conkeldurr are battling Bianca and her Emboar to finish off the first round of the Clubsplosion Tournament! Emboar seems to be in quite a pickle as Conkeldurr pounds it with some serious attacks—until some encouraging words from Bianca spark some quick thinking on Emboar’s part, turning the tide in an unexpected way. And just like that, Trip is out of the tournament, and Bianca claims the last spot in the quarterfinals!

The quarterfinal round starts the next day with Cilan and Pansage up against Stephan and Sawk! Pansage is a tough competitor, but Sawk is extremely strong—and Burgundy is delighted when Pansage gets knocked out before Cilan gets the chance to launch into his traditional Evaluation Time (which she finds extremely annoying). Stephan and Sawk move on!

Next up, it’s Ash and Scraggy versus Betty and Simipour. Confident after beating her brother in the previous round, Betty quickly dismisses Scraggy as a “runt” with no power, but Scraggy quickly proves otherwise! Even though its Focus Blast still needs work, it manages to knock Simipour out, and Ash is on to the semi-finals!

Georgia’s Bisharp and Bianca’s Emboar are battling it out in the next match, and despite Georgia’s usual smugness, Emboar scores a quick win. Bianca joins Stephan and Ash in the top four, and there’s just one spot left...but unfortunately, it won’t belong to Iris, as the mysterious and powerful team of Montgomery and Throh quickly knock her Excadrill out of the tournament.

The next day’s battles are set: it’s Bianca versus Stephan and Ash versus Montgomery! Who will be the Clubsplosion champion?

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