• Search for the Clubultimate!
  • Search for the Clubultimate!
  • Search for the Clubultimate!
  • Search for the Clubultimate!

Season 15 | Episode 23

Search for the Clubultimate!

The Clubsplosion Tournament’s first round is under way, and the next match is Burgundy versus Iris! The two of them trade powerful attacks, and Burgundy tries to rattle Iris with some serious taunting—but Iris keeps her cool, and her Excadrill finally takes down Burgundy’s Dewott.

During a break in the action, Ash and Scraggy decide to do some special training with Stephan and his Sawk, since Scraggy’s new Focus Blast isn’t all that focused yet. With some tips from Stephan, Scraggy manages to improve its aim in preparation for the next battle.

In the next match, “Dragon Buster” Georgia finally gets to show her stuff against a Dragon type, and she and her Bisharp quickly take down their opponent’s Druddigon! Georgia moves on to the second round, and of course she’s hoping to be paired up against her rival Iris next.

Next up, the arrogant Montgomery and his Throh (who picked a fight with Stephan’s Sawk earlier in the round) defeat Delbert and his Mienshao easily. Throh exhibits an amazing blend of speed and strength, and Don George comments that Montgomery seems to be the guy to beat—which makes Stephan want to battle him even more!

Finally, it’s Bianca and Emboar battling Trip and Conkeldurr! Emboar is clearly powerful, but Conkeldurr is adept at using its concrete pillars as a shield, and Emboar’s attacks just can’t get through. It looks like Trip has the upper hand when Conkeldurr knocks Emboar over with its pillars and then prepares to use Stone Edge! Can Bianca find a way out of this?

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