• An Amazing Aerial Battle!
  • An Amazing Aerial Battle!
  • An Amazing Aerial Battle!
  • An Amazing Aerial Battle!

Season 15 | Episode 20

An Amazing Aerial Battle!

After some convincing by a group of young challengers and Skyla’s grandfather, Skyla takes Ash up on his Gym Battle challenge. Skyla remains convinced she’s going to win (after mentally envisioning what Pokémon Ash will use), but Ash has other ideas! The three-on-three match begins with Ash’s Krokorok versus Skyla’s Swoobat. Swoobat’s aerial attacks prove to be too much for Krokorok, and Ash is soon down one Pokémon.

Next, Ash chooses Tranquill, in a battle of two Flying types! They appear to be evenly matched, but Tranquill’s speed quickly proves to be too much for Swoobat, who’s worn out from its first battle.

When Skyla calls for Unfezant, Ash switches Tranquill out for Pikachu—and Pikachu takes Unfezant down easily with a supereffective Electro Ball! Skyla calls on her Swanna next, and Ash is preparing for a quick victory—but Skyla has figured out how to overcome Swanna’s huge type disadvantage, and uses Aqua Ring to deflect Pikachu’s Electric-type attacks! Pikachu just can’t get through Swanna’s defenses, and Swanna is victorious.

But it’s not over yet, because Ash’s Tranquill can still battle! At first it struggles against the much faster Swanna—but in the heat of battle, it evolves into Unfezant! This amazing event makes things much more evenly matched, and a fierce Flying-type battle ensues. Unfezant’s new moves prove to be too much for Swanna, and Ash wins the match!

After awarding Ash the Jet Badge and resolving to battle for real from now on, Skyla tells him the closest Gym is in Icirrus City. Our heroes decide to make that their next destination, and Ash is excited to realize that he only needs two more badges to enter the Unova League!

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