• Battling the Bully!
  • Battling the Bully!
  • Battling the Bully!
  • Battling the Bully!

Season 15 | Episode 17

Battling the Bully!

Standing in front of an angry Krokorok, our heroes suddenly realize they’ve seen this Pokémon before. Krokorok rushes to challenges its main rival, Pikachu, to a battle, but their ensuing attacks cause the Pokémon to collide, sending Pikachu and Krokorok flying.

Pikachu lands in the arms of a boy named Mick, who has never seen a Pikachu before, although it seems that his friend Sean has. Mick and Sean also know a young bully named Glenn, who wants to battle the two of them. When confronted by Glenn, Sean nervously agrees to fight, but Mick leaves abruptly, saying he’ll battle them later with a powerful Pokémon like they’ve never seen before!

When our heroes find Pikachu and Mick, Mick says wistfully that he has never beaten Sean or Glenn at anything. He asks if he can use Pikachu to challenge them. Ash agrees, and our heroes help Mick with some training. Ash and Tepig battle Mick and Pikachu, giving Mick some pointers and improving his battle skills.

Meanwhile, Sean and Glenn have had a battle using Sean’s dad’s Pokémon, but Glenn wants to battle again—this time with Mick. With a bullying swagger, he demands that Sean get two more Pokémon from his dad so they can have a Double Battle. But Mick has only Pikachu.

Then who should step up but Krokorok? With Krokorok volunteering to be in Mick’s party, the battle begins. Glenn refuses to listen to Sean’s advice, and Mick wins the bout, but Glenn wants revenge. When Ash stops Sean, Glenn apologizes, and the three budding Trainers are friends again.

Krokorok still has a score to settle with Pikachu but is defeated. Krokorok sadly prepares to leave, but Ash asks Krokorok if it would like to go with him. The answer is a resounding yes, and our heroes again set their sights on Mistralton City, with Krokorok as the newest member of their family!

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