• A Call for Brotherly Love!

Season 15 | Episode 10

A Call for Brotherly Love!

Ash decides to get some practice training in while waiting for Clay, the Driftveil City Gym Leader, to return. Meanwhile, our heroes are surprised to bump into Cilan’s brother, Chili, who has come to challenge Cilan to a battle. Cilan agrees, but when Chili and his Pansear lose to Cilan and Pansage, Chili blames the loss on Pansear, who angrily runs away.

Speaking to their other brother Cress (who is still back at the Striaton Gym), Cilan learns that Chili had a long losing streak recently. He asked Cress for advice, but took offense when Cress responded bluntly and honestly, and left the Gym in a huff.

Cilan offers to help by evaluating Chili and Pansear’s compatibility as a team. He proclaims their matchup to be perfect—they both like to eat when they’re frustrated or angry, and they both have fiery temperaments—and then suggests that Chili teach Pansear a non-Fire-type move for the sake of balance. They begin by learning SolarBeam, and all our heroes join in for some special training.

It takes some real effort and patience, but Pansear is successful! Chili can’t wait to battle again, so Ash offers to battle him with Oshawott. Chili and Pansear put Cilan’s advice to good use, and they win! With his confidence bolstered, Chili bids our heroes goodbye and heads back to the Striaton Gym. Right on time, Nurse Joy informs Ash that Clay has returned to the Gym and is ready to accept Ash’s challenge.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is quietly moving ahead with the plan to summon Thundurus, the Guardian of Lightning...

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