• Lost at the Stamp Rally!
  • Lost at the Stamp Rally!
  • Lost at the Stamp Rally!
  • Lost at the Stamp Rally!

Season 15 | Episode 3

Lost at the Stamp Rally!

As Ash and the gang wait for the bridge to Driftveil City to be repaired, they decide how they’re going to spend their day. Cilan excitedly announces he’s going to participate in the Subway Bosses Stamp Rally, which will allow the winner to have a battle with one of the Subway Bosses, Ingo and Emmet. But to win, he must obtain 60 Pokémon stamps by that afternoon—a challenge that usually takes three days to complete!

Ash and Iris decide to head out for a day of sightseeing. After visiting the two sports arenas and the Musical Theater, they end up in the amusement park, where they find a lost female Axew who’s been separated from its Trainer, Erina. They try to help out by going back to the subway station where Axew and Erina were to meet. But when they arrive, Erina is nowhere in sight.

Iris leaves a note for the lost Axew’s Trainer, telling her that they will be back at the amusement park. In the meantime, Erina runs into Cilan during the stamp rally, and he eventually leads her back to the station to find the note from Iris. Then, with the aid of the Subway Bosses, Erina and her Axew are happily reunited!

Time is called for the stamp rally, and Cilan realizes that he’s missing just one stamp to win. As thanks for his help, Erina gives Cilan the stamp he needs—and out of the kindness of their hearts, Ingo and Emmet offer to have a tag battle with Cilan and Ash, much to our heroes’ excitement!

A fierce battle ensues at Gear Station, and Ingo and Emmet are victorious. Despite the defeat, our heroes are grateful for the opportunity to battle the amazing Subway Bosses, who tell them the bridge has been repaired and they can leave for Driftveil City whenever they want. But they decide to stay one more night for the chance to ride Nimbasa City’s famous Ferris wheel. We leave everyone as Ash starts to turn his eye toward his upcoming Gym Battle at the Driftveil City Gym...

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