• The Lost World of Gothitelle!
  • The Lost World of Gothitelle!
  • The Lost World of Gothitelle!
  • The Lost World of Gothitelle!

Season 14 | Episode 21

The Lost World of Gothitelle!

The last leg of Ash and the gang’s journey to Castelia City means crossing the massive Skyarrow Bridge. As our heroes attempt to cross it, they are stopped by an angry Gothitelle—who uses its psychic power to send them back to the past, when the bridge was still under construction!

A little girl named Sally offers them a ride to the city on the Water Taxi, and when our heroes board, they discover the same Gothitelle working on the boat with Sally. The two make a great team, helping the customers and handing out snacks, and Gothitelle seems very happy. Something terrible must have happened to make it so angry in the present!

Slowly, the pieces come together: when the Skyarrow Bridge was finished, the Water Taxi went out of business, Sally and her family moved away, and Gothitelle went off on its own. Now it’s trapped our heroes inside its memories and won’t let them free. Ash challenges the stubborn Pokémon to a battle, but they are interrupted by a woman who calls out to Gothitelle.

It’s Sally, now grown up and trapped with our heroes inside Gothitelle’s memories! Sally talks to her old friend, letting Gothitelle know how much she misses their time together on the Water Taxi, and as the two of them reconnect, Gothitelle releases our heroes back into their own world.

After bidding goodbye to Gothitelle and thanking Sally for coming to the rescue, Ash and friends cross the bridge, finally making their way into Castelia City!

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