The Pokémon Professor Rewards Program

The Professor Store

When a Professor is recorded as an event staff member by an Organizer, or when they serve as an Organizer, they can earn a type of credit called Professor Points.

Professor Points are accumulated throughout the Professor's time with the program and can be redeemed at any time by visiting the Professor Store. The items you'll find there are designed exclusively for Pokémon Professors!

When you are accepted into the Professor Program, you will gain access to the Professor Store from the OP Tools Dashboard section of your Pokémon Trainer Club account. There, you can browse the selection of items and create a shopping cart. Each item has a Professor Point value—once you confirm your choices, the equivalent number of Professor Points will be deducted from your account.

Professor Store orders are shipped monthly from the United States. Choose wisely, and watch out for new items as they appear throughout the year!

The Professor Cup

Professor Cups are free-to-enter tournaments designed to celebrate the achievements and dedication of our wonderful Professor community. Each tournament offers a specially designed format and thematic, unpredictable rules that keep players on their toes and provide for a truly unique experience.

These events are exclusively for active Pokémon Professors. They're a great opportunity to meet and network with Professors from all around your region—and to win some incredible prizes!

Several Professor Cups take place around the globe throughout the year. Find out more about the Professor Cup and view the latest schedule information here.

Volunteer Staff Opportunities

The Play! Pokémon Championship Series calendar features several international events that require the expertise of our most active and passionate Professors. Some of these events may offer the opportunity to apply to join the volunteer staff team, while you may be solicited directly for others.

For the chance to earn one of these truly memorable experiences—plus the Professor-exclusive event-themed swag that goes with it—build up a solid and varied history of Professor activities, keep the contact information on your Trainer Club account up to date, and be sure to uphold the Professor Core Values in all you do!

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