About Pokemon.com Leaderboards

Pokemon.com leaderboards let you see the rankings of Play! Pokémon players around the world. You can sort by division and region, or sign in to your Pokémon Trainer Club account to find out where you rank among all players or just your PTC friends. Pokémon Trainer Club members will need a registered Player ID to see their Play! Pokémon stats on the leaderboard.

Play! Pokémon Leaderboards

With the Play! Pokémon leaderboards, you can quickly check how many Championship Points and Play! Points the top Pokémon TCG and video game players in each age division have earned. Or jump straight to the World Championships leaderboard to quickly find out who has earned enough Championship Points to qualify for the Pokémon World Championships—or to see how many more Championship Points you need to make the cut! Remember that Championship Points will be updated frequently throughout the year, so check the leaderboards regularly to see the latest standings. Play! Pokémon leaderboards can be filtered to show all players, or players within a specific rating zone or country.

About Championship Points: Championship Points are earned at qualifying Premier Events, with more difficult events typically awarding more Championship Points. The number of Championship Points earned will vary based on your final placement at an event.

About Play! Points: Play! Points are earned at all Play! Pokémon events, including League sessions. Regardless of performance, all registered players at an event will receive Play! Points for participating. Play! Points are sometimes required to enter events and have been used for other rewards in the past.

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